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Fluid Exchanges

Fluid Exchange in Park City

Why is a Fluid Exchange Important?

Automotive fluids are the lifeblood of any vehicle. You might not give much thought to an oil change, but if you didn't change your motor oil regularly or top off other automotive fluids when necessary, you'd destroy your vehicle. 

Brake fluid, motor oil, transmission fluid, and other lubricants have an important job. They keep operating temperatures cool and prevent direct metal-on-metal contact. They're essential to the life and performance of your car, truck, or SUV.

When you need an automotive fluid exchange, contact Cox Tire & Auto Service. We have replacement lubricants ready for our customers in Park City, Kamas, Coalville, and surrounding areas.

Why Do I Need Motor Oil, Coolant & Other Fluids?

Every automotive fluid in your vehicle plays an important role:

  • Motor Oil: Lubricates moving parts and keeps the engine temp down
  • Battery Fluid: Contributes to battery operation
  • Brake Fluid: Transfers hydraulic force to the brake pads and shoes so you can stop
  • Coolant: Cycles through engine to keep temperatures down and prevent overheating
  • Power Steering Fluid: Makes turning easier
  • Transmission Fluid: Cools and lubricates transmission
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid: Allows you to keep your field of vision clear

Not all fluids require replacement as frequently as others, and if you own a maintenance-free battery then you shouldn't need to check battery fluid levels. Check your manufacturer's manual for recommended oil interval changes and important information about the other automotive fluids in your vehicle. 

At Cox Tire & Auto Service, our service technicians can look up your vehicle make and model to review the maintenance requirements with you. Ask for an automotive fluid check and fluid exchange service today. We'll top off your auto fluids at the recommended level to keep your vehicle running for its intended life.

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